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DIVA - Cirque du Soleil 2018


Cirque du soleil 2016 - Scalada: Vision

The Principality brings you the latest show by the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in Andorra. This year, the show is called  SCALADA STORIA, brand new, exclusive, and written especially for Andorra. As per usual, the show is organized in conjunction with the ministry of tourism, and they make available free seats, standing only, over the internet. HOTEL MILA proposes SEATED TICKETS to be able to see the show properly. Cirque du Soleil provides a very dynamic show, with action up down, left and right, all at the same time, and the overview provided by the seating arrangement is certainly the best way of viewing this spectacular show. This year for the first time the show will take place under an enormous covered marquee, to proect against the weather. 


"As a passionate, vivid ode to the greatest female vocalists, DIVA explores the transformational power of music and dusts off musical favourites of yesteryear and today which have been immortalised by the undisputed queens of music. This magnificent work delves deep into the soul of a diva, Roze, an omniscient woman in her prime who reveals the innate qualities held by all great singers. She is strong-willed, unapologetic and irreverent, fierce and rebellious to her core, gushing with charisma. Despite her relentless nature she still has a vulnerable side and is disarmingly candid. Indeed, she is the archetypal diva. DIVA invites the audience into a bold, surreal yet modern world where they are taken on an emotional musical journey, emblazoned with neo soul, pop and hip hop. Replete with acrobatic flourishes and breathtaking choreography, DIVA presents the talents of twenty-four fabulously energetic artists, with two singers and a DJ drummer among their number. Discover the legacy of the great divas of music through the eyes of Cirque du Soleil."





DIVA will be performed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 30th of June to 28th of July, 2018, with a final performance on Sunday 29th.

Performances will be 60 minutes' long, starting at 22:00 hours. There will also be a 30-minute animation presented before each show with the characters of DIVA by Cirque du Soleil.



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HOTEL MILA does not sell tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show. use the button directly above to get your tickets, be it free and standing, or buy seated tickets.


To help along with your booking at the Hotel Mila, if you book a stay of 2 nights or more in July, and quoting the code PROMO CIRQUE in the message section, we will do a 10% discount on the price of the room on the nights of Sunday to Thursday, and a 5% off the price of the room for Friday and Saturday.