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Hiking the mountains - walk in the park or more difficult levels

Randonnées en Andorre - LacAndorra is indeed a mountainous country where the lowest point is at 900meters (3000ft) and the highest peak is above 3000meters (9000ft). For over 20 years Hotel Mila has been helping and guiding our guests over the vast array of marked paths that cover all of our mountains. There are literally hundreds of them,and we know all the best spots and tricks to get the most out of this amazing country.



EASY WALKS: available to everybody, a pair of trainers is all you need.


All of the Andorran "parrishes" have paths along the lower valleys that are available to anybody. They are mostly flat, and often join up ponts of interest such as our romanic churches (a real local speciality) but also works of art, the occasional lake, museums and other sights. Prams are not out of the question either. We know them all and can indicate the best places for YOUR needs. We will tell you where to go, and why...





EXAMPLE of a really easy walk, almost flat. Very close to the Hotel Mila, just a few bends up the road here, you can walk up there, or take the car, or there is even a local bus that goes up to the starting pointing every hour and a half. Tthe path starts at the side of the road and takes you flat along the line of the Encamp valley as it changes into the Engolastars valley, and ends at the Engolasters lake. At the lake there is a bike circuit that takes around the lake, and 2 restaurants that are quite good and provide some pretty good food up in the mountains. There is also a vertical adventure area for the restless, that allows you to climb up the trees and go through a circuit in the tree tops, with harness and guide OF COURSE, that is really very impressive, especially if you don´t mind heights! The author did this circuit with his 10 year old daughter. We both learned a thing or 2 that day. I don't like heights, but she does! Go figure ...



MOUNTAIN EXCURSIONS: The real thing, but you nly really need the appropriate clothing, no real technical difficulty involved


Real mountain trekking, on well marked out paths that will take you up along the valley floors to the higher grounds of lakes, views and flora and fauna. We have marmosets, isards (a type of mountain goat/deer), eagles, vultures, hare, desmins (look that up on wikipedia!) and more. The flowers and butterflies are studied by Pyrenean specialists who prefer the ease of acces Andorra gives them. 

Typically the path will start where you leave your car, and after 10 minutes civilisation is far behind you, leaving only the views and the sound of the stream and your feet pacing up the valley. It may be a 2 hour walk, 3 or 4 or even 6 if you like the sport. The hihger you go, the more you are likely to find a lake or 2 in the bowls beneath te peaks.


 PATHS OF ANDORRA - a collection of paths and walks in Andorra


The government has put together this brilliant collection of  50 of the hundreds of walks available in our mountains. The information is very complete, with pictures, detailed maps and roadbooks of the paths, altitude differences, points of interest and more. The collection includes all levels of trekking, from high heels to crampons. It comes with a plastic transparent folder to carry the days path along with you. It only costs 5 euros but is worth so very uch more. We have them available in reception, and heartily recommend it.



Llibre guia excursions andorra


HIGH MOUNTAIN TREKKING: walks to be done with the right clothes, footwear and some experience of the higher mountains. Just like the sea, the mountians in their wildest form are a force to be reckoned with. 


The upper mountain area is where you will find the breathtaking views over the peaks of the Pyrenees that dissapear off into the distance as far as the eye can see. The wilder, hard to get to lakes are available to you. You can do a one day walk or even more than one day. The high mountain zone is speckled with "bordas", old farm houses and shephard stop-overs, with walls many feet thick, normally many centuries old, that are kept clean and prepared with firewood for anybody to pop in and sleep the night. This is the true Pyrenean mountain experience.


top of the mountains of andorra